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Poweros Premium Condom is a unique and innovative product on the condom market. For many years it has been the first product where not the usual "new colour" or "new flavour" are the main areas of development, but the positive physiological effects of its use are the main features that distinguish it from its competitors.

Poweros condoms are made of the highest standard latex and the unique, self-developed Yule blend of ceramic-composite, where the benefits of using condoms combine with the power of Yule infrared effects.

The active substance is emulsified into the raw material / latex / and is not on its surface, thus it ensures maximum intensity and the effect on both sides, i.e. it is not only useful for the user, but also for the partner.

Product function is based on properties of our infrared radiant composite-ceramic material, which has basic physiological effect on capillaries (better circulation, hyperaemia, etc. ...).
This special condom, due to the nature of its use, utilizes the user's body temperature in already generated conditions, and thereby increases efficiency.

Its effect stimulates nerve terminals, capillary vasodilation and causes increased hyperaemia, and thus might lead to increased pleasure sensation for not only men but women as well, even at 4-8 minute sexual activity!

Contrary to orally taken potency-enhancing agents, the effect is only local and does not have any harmful side effects.

It can be important for those people, who suffer from mild, temporary erectile dysfunction, who would like to spice up their sexual life or those couples where provision of mutual pleasure is important.

In case of condoms, the effect might have bilateral influence, as not only the user, but also the partner will take advantage of the above mentioned properties, since the active ingredient is emulsified into the condom / latex / base material, and is not only on the surface.
Consequently, pleasure may become double because it stimulated both parties.
It may also be important that overstimulation of nerve endings is decreased; thereby it delays the occurrence of early orgasm.
The protective function is natural, in the same way as in case of other products without active substance.  
Contraindication of any form is not known, as opposed to any artificial substances or to pills (taken as a stimulating agent).

Possible negative aspects:

  1. Use of the product will not be a solution in case of serious mental obstruction.
  2. In addition, the product may be inefficient in case of long-lasting physiological disorders.
  3. The positive effect of the product works only in case of normal physiological act time. (The lowest threshold is 4-5 minutes.)

What are the benefits and what are the problems may it give solution to?

The product exerts its positive effect after about 4-5 minutes of use.