Poweros condom

The discovery

Infra red

The viability and the effects of the product were affirmed when we created special undergarments using our active ingredient in textile.
While testing these textile products, we received unexpected but convincing results from our targeted users. 
We did not consider the application of the material in the form of textile practical, consequently, the market possibilities of the project were not supposed to bring success in the form of undergarment, and that is why this product with fantastic qualities was born in the form of a condom. 

This product includes an infrared emitting material. What is long-wave infrared radiation and what are its effects?

These are just a few effects, which can be closely associated with the product:

It regulates functioning of the vegetative nervous system and reduces overstimulation of sensory nerves. It reduces the pain of peripheral nerves by direct influence of free nerve endings in tissues Presentation of the company and the active ingredient:
Basic information about the company and the “active ingredient”:

The NIELS R&D Kft deals with research, development and effects of far (long wave) infrared (FIR) materials and business utilization of the results of infrared technologies.
For more than 5 years, we have been working on the development of a natural ceramic-composite material with unique effects, which even in neutral state emits measurable values exceeding the theoretical black body radiation!

This property makes it unique in the world and thanks to it, we can pass all natural and man-made materials, which have been made for this purpose, by 20-25% in efficiency, besides, our material has other special properties.
Our professional research is performed under the supervision of Professor János Mink - a world-renowned expert in dealing with infrared spectroscopy.